Meet Paul Dojcinovic

eXp RealtorĀ® Team Leader & Managing Partner at 403 Real Estate Group

Home Marketing Expert and Deal Specialist

Paul graduated from MRU in Calgary with a Bachelor of Communication Degree in Electronic Publishing and Freelanced for some global companies in helping them craft advertising campaigns and custom-built their websites. That was short-lived though as Paul saw the need for better representation and marketing in the real estate industry and decided to become a Realtor in 2005 on the advice of his father. He then joined Keller Williams Realty because they were heavily focused on training new agents which helped me succeed early on. His talents were quickly visible by the leadership at KW who asked him to open an in house creative department to serve the KW agents. 

The next 2-3 years Paul opened up a real estate marketing firm with a partner and assistant (while still doing real estate full time as well) that represented more than 150+ agents and helped them with creating their personal brands, logo design, web design, photography, feature sheets, flyers, brochures and more. However the recession hit in 2008 and then business slowed down on the marketing side. Then he read a book called "The Shift - How agents tackle tough times" which gave me the skills to not only survive, but thrive, during the recession. 

Fast forward to 2012 and he needed to change my environment so that's when he decided to join RE/MAX and within a few short months was making the office top 10 lists in production. Every year Paul was winning awards... 100% club award, Platinum Club Award, Hall of Fame award... but there seemed to something lacking for him at the brokerage he was at. Something still left to be desired.  In 2019 Paul saw a video on a new brokerage model that raised an eyebrow. No other business model puts the agent at the top. All the traditional brokerages were built with the franchise owner and top elite of the franchise at the very top of the pyramid where the agents did all the leg work and were paying high fees for little in return. 

"They are what NETFLIX was to the Blockbusters of the world. Or what UBER and Airbnb are to the taxis and hotels. It's the real estate company of the future and they are built on a virtual cloud office platform since 2009. So they were built for times like COVID-19 where a lot of training and work can be done virtually."

Since 2019 Paul has had aspirations of spreading the knowledge about the eXp better business model to his friends and colleagues in the industry as well as grow a highly productive team. Then at the start of 2020, that's when Andy came into the picture and saw the benefits of the eXp business model and they formed a partnership to lead a new group of real estate agents to become more successful with the help of their AMAZING new and innovative brokerage, eXp Realty.

To learn more  about why Paul decided to join eXp Realty or for eXpert real estate advice, call Paul Dojcinovic directly at 403.608.2191